Lana at Playboy and A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’ Event

Lana at Playboy and A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’ Event

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SDCC 2014 - Nerd HQ 

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Women Who Kickass Panel at SDCC 14 (photographed by Tifferini Photography).


Women Who Kickass Panel at SDCC 14 (photographed by Tifferini Photography).

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Playing a majestic, sexually intense, incredibly competent detective with a posture as stiff as a corpse’s, Anderson’s compelling Stella Gibson proved for many to be the main draw to The Fall, no mean feat with a murderer as gorgeously sinister as Jamie Dornan’s Paul Spector.

Perhaps unusually for the genre, the queenly Stella gets as much screentime as the murders and the murderer, if not more. Every word is precisely chosen and enunciated in Anderson’s flawless British accent, every emotion controlled, every action (and sexual position) directed by her.

‘Very masculine’, some might say, but Stella is strictly feminine, as the show repeatedly sought to remind us. ‘Thou shalt not pigeon hole this character as a man-woman’, scream the shots of her accidentally undone blouse, her slim calves, her carefully chosen lingerie, her heels, her gorgeous blonde wave of hair.

Stella is aggressively feminine. Seething with sex, sometimes cold and distant, other times emanating stiff-faced fury, her emotional and physical presence dominates this show; she gives the impression of being in control throughout, unlike the murderer who is constantly ducking, running and hiding, as her final telephone showdown with him emphasises.

She’s as physically fit, good-looking, intelligent and perhaps even as psychopathic as the murderer, and it’s like watching two leading competitors on a tennis court – complete with obligatory grunting noises.

Like a potent perfume, she fills the space around her, influencing the behaviour and activities of her colleagues, particularly the men. Her superior Jim Burns questions, ‘Do you realise the effect you have on men?’

Of course she does, although she doesn’t really care, gliding in and out of their lives like a stately iceberg in a discreetly sexy pencil skirt.


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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ valentin yudashkin s/s 2014

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This photoset does things to me.

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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Eva Green for Campari Calendar BTS (2015)

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What is love?

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Ben Whishaw reading poems about the sea. I am drowning.


‘One Day I wrote her name upon the strand’ by Edmund Spenser

‘Ode To The Sea’ (extract) by Pablo Neruda

‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold

‘The Inspector of Tides’ by Michael Dransfield

‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘Love sonnet LXXVIII’ by Pablo Neruda


(From the Poetica podcast, “Tides.”)

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