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Translation: “The fuck?”

Translation: “O…K… that was dumb.”

Translation: “Bitch, please.”

Translation: “Oh my God, the stupid.”

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We saw that when Rumple was given a choice between love and power, he let his own son go, so the question is, has he learned anything? Or what chance does his grandson have then?

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#how about you not do the tiniest of expressions that majorly ruin me 


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Lana Parrilla attends the Montblanc And UNICEF Host Pre-Oscar Brunch Celebrating Their Limited Edition Collection at the Hotel Bel-Air on February 23, 2013 in Los Angeles.

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By all means, Lana, flaunt it.


By all means, Lana, flaunt it.

Regina’s face!porn in Manhattan

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Regina Mills (?) face!porn from Tiny

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GIF Meme - Full Body Shots (requested by skywita)

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  • Seduce me with your power

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