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5/50 favorite photos of Lana Parrilla


5/50 favorite photos of Lana Parrilla

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#Fact: Lana Maria Parrilla has a smile so blinding that even the sun itself cowers against it’s brilliance #Fact: There are even enough mega-watts in Lana Parrilla’s smile to power roughly 1.5 million households#Fact: Springsteen now admits ‘Blinded by the Light’ wasn’t about a metaphor for his journey in the music industry but about Lana’s smile #Fact: This scene was shot at night. There was no need for any lights on set because Lana’s smile was all they needed. #LOOK AT THAT FUCKING SMILE. LOOK AT IT. #Fact: When Lana smiles the whole word does stop and stare for awhile which caused more accidents last year than drunk driving #Fact: There are only two 100% proven cures for sadness and depression: one doesn’t exist and the other is Lana’s smile #Fact: Molly Parker had to wear special contacts so as not to damage her retinas while staring directly at Lana’s smile

FACTS, they are important knowledge!

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you would have been enough

i like badass women. and tv shows.

i am in love with lana parrilla

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